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Bloop Diary
29.6.2007: Dynamic result sorting has been integrated. The most relevent results are chosen acoording to how many times a result was downloaded . Also, minor bugs in the forum and FireFox compatability were fixed.

23.5.2007: We have a new domain name:

21.4.2007: UpFile and FileHo hosting serices are now supported. The password detectiond tool was fixed and optimized.

20.4.2007: The site is now back online after a serious crash yesterday.

3.2.2007: Megashares crawler has been added. You can now serach on both Rapidshare and Megashares hosts by checking the coresponding boxes.

27.10.2006: Optimizations were performed to the design, speed and cross-browser compatibility. An option to add custom links was also added, along with usefull system tips.

16.9.2006: A "Password Detection" tool is now available. If you downloaded a password-protected file, you may want to click on the key icon to find all the associated passwords, found during the search of that file.

17.8.2006: A temporary forum is now available.

16.8.2006: The search engine has been updated. Now, in 99% of the searches, at least one match will be found.

13.8.2006: Opera 9 is now also supported.

10.8.2006: A "copy to clipboard option" is now available, this option will copy all the links to your clipboard. Also, there is a guest book at the bottom of the page.

7.8.2006: A "Search Deeper" option is now available. Each time you press this button the crawler will gather more links related to your keyword.

7.8.2006: A dynamic crawler has been added. Every search you make, will add more links to the database.

4.8.2006: This site can now be viewed with Internet Explorer 6 or above as with Mozilla FireFox 5.1 or above.

1.8.2006: Please note, that the site is currently designed to be viewed in Internet Explorer 6 or above. Viewing the site in other browsers (such as FireFox 5.1) will be possible in a day or two. Sorry for the inconvenience.

26.7.2006: Bloop is online! but most of its parts are still under construction.

26.7.2006: Close to 10000 links have been added to the database.
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